Tonight: Misty Boyce on Live on Your Computer via Concert Window

Misty Boyce Rockwood May 2013 2 crop

It’s still snowing as I write this on Tuesday morning, but the “storm of historic proportions” has been downgraded to the snow of the week.  Things are starting to get back to normal, and I would guess that much (although perhaps not all) of what was planned tonight will go on.  But it’s still really cold and icy out there, so I’m going to suggest staying home and checking out some live music via your computer.

Singer-songwriter Misty Boyce, a long time Now I’ve Heard Everything favorite is playing a show tonight via Concert Window.  Misty has just released The Life, her second full length record.  Misty plays guitar, piano and is an accomplished vocalist with a wide ranging voice.  She’s made large numbers of fans in New York City during her time here, and has made many more playing with Sara Bareilles  over the past two years.  Misty now lives in Los Angeles, so this is a great opportunity to see her.  And no cold weather gear is necessary.  The show starts at 8:30pm.

Misty Boyce on Concert Window, 8:30pm, pay something but pay what you wish


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