News and Notes

45sGraham Parker and the Rumour will be releasing a new album in 2015 according to Rumour member Martin Belmont.  Dawes has said that those who are looking for new music from them this year will not be disappointed, so it looks like that band has a new record on the way too.  Finally, although Modern Blues, the new album from The Waterboys was released in much of the world earlier this week, it will not be released in the US until April 7th.

45sJoy Askew has a show coming up at The Rockwood Music Hall in February.  At that show she’ll have a new band with her consisting of Grey McMurray, Josh Dion and Rob Jost.


45sJulia Haltigan will be play a number of shows in a duo with her dad Emmet in March and April.  Look for those show to take place at The Rockwood Music Hall.


45sLong time Rockwood Music Hall  staple Freddie Stevenson has spent the last year living in Scotland.  I’m hearing that he may be back in NYC this spring, which is great news, because he has been missed.

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