Advance Planning: January 2015 Music Calendar Update (Added 1/11)

The Rockwood Music Hall and The Living Room have updated their calendars, so I’ve update the NIHE calendar again.

Jan. 14 – Elizabeth & The Catapult (Duo)Rockwood Stage 3 – 10pm

Jan. 14 – Karli BruceLiving Room – 11pm

Jan. 18 – Greg TrooperLiving Room – 8pm

Jan. 20 – New Ponies – Living Room – 10pm

Jan. 29 – Handsome Lady Records Showcase featuring: Danica Dora, Bryan Dunn, Jason Myles Goss, Frances Cone, Our Wild America, and Fife & DromLiving Room – 7:30pm

February and Beyond

Feb. 5 – Joy AskewRockwood Music Hall – 8pm

Feb. 9 – Jim Keller’s Revolving DoorRockwood Stage 2 – 8pm

Feb. 9 – Tony Scherr Trio with Anton Fier and Rob Jost – Rockwood Music Hall – 9pm

Feb. 9 – Jim Campilongo Trio with Chris Morrissey, Josh Dion – Rockwood Music Hall – 10pm

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