News and Notes: Now I’ve Heard Everything Turns Five


Today is Now I’ve Heard Everything’s fifth birthday.  Through the opening and closings of venues and comings and goings of musicians over those five years, Now I’ve Heard Everything is still doing what it set out to do way back in 2009.  Here’s what I said then:

What I will be doing here at Now I’ve Heard Everything (NIHE for short) is uncovering music and letting you know when I find something that I think is worthwhile.  I’ll tell you about the musicians.  I’ll post some videos for your viewing and listening pleasure, and I’ll highlight shows in the New York City area if you feel like partaking of live music yourself.

I promise you that NIHE will have its own point of view.  You might find a “buzz” band here; but you’ll also find musicians who are great at what they do and have labored in the clubs but don’t get the recognition that they probably should get.  You’ll find that NIHE will run the gamut from loud young rock bands to quieter singer-songwriters.

As long as you feel like reading in NIHE and I feel like writing it, it will continue to do what it has done over the past five years.  Year six begins today.

7 Responses to News and Notes: Now I’ve Heard Everything Turns Five

  1. Ray says:

    Congrats on 5 years! Thank you for your reporting work on the various openings & closings of important venues around the city and beyond. You’ve introduced me to many bands & great tunes. Keep up the great work Eliot!! all the best, Ray

  2. muskie says:

    being a music junkie who has recently moved to the city area your blog is GOSPEL!! keep up the great work.. thanks

  3. Denis Donovan says:

    Congrats Eliot on your 5 year milestone. In the time I have been a daily reader, I have discovered a wealth of great music that I probably otherwise would not have been exposed to.

    Good luck moving forward.

  4. Mary Lamont says:

    Yay! Well done, Eliot. Always love reading your posts. Onward to the next 5!

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