News and Notes

It seems to me that whenever I’ve had some news lately, it’s been bad news: club closings and the like. So here’s some good news for a change, starting with a club opening!

Midtown Live

There’s a new music club in town, in midtown Manhattan, of all places.  It’s called Midtown Live, located at 251 w. 30th Street.  It’s run by the folks who operate The Highline Ballroom, and they aim to book roots and rock n roll.

andco Arlenes

I saw a new band last night that Now I’ve Heard Everything will now be covering.  &Co is a power trio consisting of Sonya Kitchell (guitar/vocals), Jesske Hume (bass/vocals) and Neal Evans (drums/vocals).  They flat out rock, with Sonya playing some real badass guitar.

Del-Lords 2013

I previously mentioned that the Del-Lords had started work on a new album.  According to Eric Ambel, that new record should see the light of day sometime in the coming year.  Also coming in 2015 is the first Eric Ambel release since 2004.  Jimbo Mathus will be producing Eric’s record.

James Maddock - Nearest Thing to Hip

James Maddock will have three co-writes on the new Waterboys album, Modern Blues, including the first single, November Tale. That new record is scheduled for release on January 19th, 2015.

One Response to News and Notes

  1. Stan Landman says:

    Right in my backyard!!!

    Thanks for posting this


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