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There will be a follow up to The Del-Lords‘ wonderful record Elvis Club, which the reunited band released last year.  Scott Kempner and Eric “Roscoe” Ambel (second from left and right above respectively) of that band got together here in New York City a few weeks back to start working on songs for the Del-Lords’ next album.  Scott then went under the knife to repair an ailing shoulder, but his after surgery rehab should be complete early in 2015.  No timetable for the record has been announced.


Sirens of Brooklyn 2014 crop

The Sirens of Brooklyn Choir will be singing Christmas carols and other holiday songs at the historic Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights next week on December 2nd. The choir has  around for a while is made up of many New York based indie songstresses.  It is conducted by Joy Askew.

Ethan Eubanks Chilli

Not only is Ethan Eubanks the drummer for Poundcake and a whole lot of other bands, he’s now a champion chili maker.  The photo above shows Ethan being awarded first place at The Brooklyn Chili Takedown at The Bell House earlier this month.  Here’s Ethan on how he did it:

I can say that I did use techniques I have picked up from doing Indian and traditional Mexican, so I really used everything I had. A lot of tasting and a slow build. So much tinkering had been done by the end I really couldn’t tell you how much of this or that.

Congratulations, Ethan!

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