Photo Recap: The Dream Syndicate, Karla Moheno and Michaela Anne

The last couple of days have been pretty good ones for shows.  I took my camera with me to The Dream Syndicate show at Rough Trade last Saturday.  But a combination of the lighting and the places I could stand ended up making it difficult to get any worthwhile photos.  But here are three of Steve Wynn (guitar, lead vocals), Jason Victor (guitar, vocals), Mark Walton (bass) and Dennis Duck (drums) that are good enough for sharing.

Dream Syndicate 11-15-14 1

Dream Syndicate 11-15-14 2

Dream Syndicate 11-15-14 3

You’ll find photos from last night’s Karla Moheno and Michaela Anne shows after the jump.  If you are an email subscriber to Now I’ve Heard Everything, you’ll have to go to the site to see them.

I saw four shows last night (as well as parts of two others).  Two of them were at The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, and I ended up right in front of the stage both times.  So I pulled out my phone and clicked away and actually came away with a few useable pictures.  Here are three photos of Karla Moheno taken during her rocking set.

Karla Moheno 11-18-14 Rockwood 1

Karla Moheno 11-18-14 Rockwood 2

Karla Moheno 11-18-14 Rockwood 3

Michaela Anne plays Americana and alt country music and was based in New York City before she moved to Nashville a few months ago.  She’s in New York City for a few days.  Although she did not originally plan to play The Rockwood, a slot late last night opened up.  She got her New York band back together and played a wonderful, joyful set with them.

Michaela Anne Rockwood 11-18-14 1

Michaela Anne Rockwood 11-18-14 2

Michaela Anne Rockwood 11-18-14 3

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