Tonight: Mary Lee Kortes Sings Beulah Rowley at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

Mary Lee Beulah Rowley

Tonight, Mary Lee Kortes will play selections from The Songs of Beulah Rowley.  Mary Lee explains:

I was on the road in the UK, thinking about my next record, wanting it to be different somehow, to incorporate other kinds of writing.  What would that mean, I wondered, drifting off to sleep in my favorite London hotel suite (that would be my friend Lizzie’s sofabed). I woke up to find someone named “Beulah Rowley” in my head — a regionally famous 1930s midwestern singer/songwriter. I wrote a song by her on the spot, finished my tour, came home and wrote her biography. And then a bunch more songs, by her of course.

If you’d like to sample some of these songs, you can stream them and even buy them here.  There’s a full album in the works, to be produced by Hal Willner.

Mary Lee Kortes plays The Songs of Beulah Rowley, Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, 196 Allen Street between Houston and Stanton Streets (F Train to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit), 7pm, $12

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