Tonight: Misty Boyce at Carroll Place

Misty Boyce Rockwood 9-3-14 10

From the first time I saw Misty Boyce (a check back in Now I’ve Heard Everything shows that to have been a bit more than 4 1/2 years ago), I knew I had seen someone with an incredible amount of raw talent.  And nothing that’s happen since has done anything other than convince me that I was right.

Misty hasn’t been around New York City as much as she had been over the last two years, having first moved to LA and then playing keys on several tours with Sara Bareilles.

But tonight Misty’s back in New York City with an all star band consisting of Bess Rogers (guitar), Zach Jones (drums) and Chris Kuffner (bass).  This show will no doubt center around Misty’s forthcoming CD, The Life, due out in 2015.  I’ve had a chance to hear The Life and can tell you that its blend of ballads, rock and pop makes it the strongest work that Misty has produced up to this point.

Misty’s show is part of an event entitled Supernova (which includes networking time, plus an open bar from 6-7pm) and it’s not clear to me whether tickets will be available at the door.  So getting a ticket in advance would be the smart thing to do.  Click here to do so.

Misty Boyce, Supernova at Carroll Place, 157 Bleecker Street between Sullivan and Thompson Streets (A, B, C, D, E, F or M Trains to West 4th Street), 9pm, $15

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