News and Notes

Spike Hill Sign

Is Spike Hill closing next month?  As I previously reported, the building that houses Williamsburg bar and music venue Spike Hill, was put up for sale this summer.  I now have heard a report that venue will be closing on December 6th.  Although the report is from a good source, I have not yet been able to confirm this.  Stay tuned…

Update: From musician Jeff Litman, via Facebook: “Yeah, they’re done. My dec gig was cancelled. Rescheduled for Nov 10, but they are closing beginning of Dec.”

Turntable and LP

New music coming in November: In the old days, records were not released after October (in order that they were in place in time for Christmas shopping).  But like everything in the music business, that has changed.  Coming over the next couple of weeks are new albums from Dina Regine (Right On, Alright) , Willie Nile (If I Was a River) and The Foo Fighters (Sonic Highways) plus new singles from Ursa Minor (Moon Media Sessions) and Misty Boyce (The Life).

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