News and Notes: The Living Room Close to Reopening; SXSW Ponders Its Future

Living Room_Logo

The reopening of The Living Room appears to be close.  The club sent out an email on Friday confirming their reopening and asking for help in getting the new space ready.  That email is reproduced below:

Dear Friends,

After 3+ years of looking for a new home, we are delighted to announce that the Living Room is re-opening!

Your generous donations have been put to good use in building the new space.

Next week we could use some help from our extended family and friends with the finishing touches.

Handy with fabric and a staple gun? Carpenter? Handywoman? A stickler for detail? Good at wielding a spray paint can? Know how to sew curtains? Have access to a van? Then we need could use YOU!

The volunteer dates are October 7th-11 between 10am and 8pm.

Email us and let us know when you can stop by


Jennifer and Steve


SXSW 2015 logo

A report on the future of South By Southwest, better know as simply SXSW, the yearly music festival in Austin, Texas, generated headlines earlier this week.  The report, written by the consulting firm Populous, was commissioned by SXSW in the wake of several incidents at SXSW 2014, including a car accident that killed four people.

The Populous report contained suggestions that SXSW take more control over the unofficial events that exist during the festival as well as this attention grabbing paragraph:

If SXSW cannot sustain success and growth in the future, like any business they will eventually need to make decisions about whether or not they can continue to exist in their current format and location. It is very possible that SXSW will have no choice but to entertain notions of bidding their event to other cities to sustain their business model. This would be a serious matter for all parties considering the significant financial impact and returns SXSW provides to the community as well as the contribution to the brand and PR value of the City.

As a result,  reports in Austin area media suggested that SXSW was seeking to control everything that happened in Austin during the festival and if it couldn’t do so, it would move someplace else.

SXSW has responded that it is not thinking of moving.  What it does want, it told the website Wondering Sound is that Austin  “put a limit on the number of permits issued for events that require temporary permits, based on location, capacity and infrastructure.”  SXSW continued: “the most important part of what we’re asking for is a comprehensive safety plan that will include not just SXSW events, but every other significant activity downtown during our event.  Marketing companies are fond of the tactic of keeping everything a secret until the last minute to avoid scrutiny.  SXSW, the unofficial events, and the city all need transparency in order to plan for safety properly.”

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