Tonight: Amy Speace and Peter Case at The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3

Amy Speace 2014

Amy Speace used to be based in the NYC area and her appearances were frequent.  Since Amy moved to Nashville four years ago, her shows here occur a bit less often, so take this opportunity to see Amy tonight.

Amy’s music these days can be classified as Americana, sometimes straight acoustic.  Tonight, Amy will play at the seated, cozy Rockwood Stage 3, which is a perfect place to see her.

Amy has recently completed a new album, titled That Kind of Girl.  Even though the record is not due out until March, 2015, I have no doubt that some of the new songs on it will make an appearance tonight.

After Amy finishes, Peter Case will take the stage.  Peter burst into the public’s  consciousness back in the 80s with The Plimsouls and the song A Million Miles Away.  But lately he has been playing more stripped down music.  Peter also has a new album coming out in 2015.  It’s titled HWY 62 and I’m sure we’ll get a preview of it tonight.

This is an early show, starting at 7pm.  It’s perfect for those who don’t like going out late on a school night.

Amy Speace, Peter CaseRockwood Stage 3, 185 Orchard Street between Houston and Stanton Streets (F Train to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit), 7pm, $20 with a $10 drink minimum

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