News and Notes: Records in the Pipeline

Chuck Prophet Night Surfer

Night Surfer is coming out later this month from Chuck Prophet.  Tracks from that record have been trickling out since the summer, and Now I’ve Heard Everything has previously featured the song Wish Me Luck (click here to check it out).

Amy Speace 2014

Amy Speace has completed a new album, That Kind of Girl, which will be released in March.  She’ll no doubt unveil some songs from it at her show at The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 coming up on September 18 (next Thursday).  That night, Amy will be sharing the bill with Peter Case.

Charlie Faye Undertow

Charlie Faye is currently working on a record that is inspired by the girl groups of the 60s. That’s not a huge surprise, as there have been 60s pop influences in Charlie’s music in the past.  Folks in the Austin area have already had the opportunity to see some of those new songs played live.

Ronys Insomnia Rockwood 5-7-14

Rony’s Insomnia, the band led by Rony Corcos, is finishing up a new record.  I have no details on it other than it should be released in 2015.  You can catch the band tonight at The Rockwood Music Hall at 9pm.


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