Tonight: Goodbye to Michaela Anne and to The Ding Dong Lounge

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Tonight is one of those night where there are  actually too many good shows. If you wish, you can check out all of them here on the July calendar.  But I wanted to focus on the two goodbyes (hopefully only for now) that are occurring tonight.

Michaela AnneMichaela Anne vertical, the Americana and alt country singer-songwriter, has been a favorite here at Now I’ve Heard Everything for a while now.  Earlier this year, she released a wonderful album, Ease My Mind.  Even The New York Times listened up and took note of her.  Tonight is the last night that Michaela Anne will be a resident of New York City (she leaves for Nashville in the morning), and she’ll spend it at Union Pool with her band.  I certainly recommend that you spend part of this evening there too.

Ding Dong Lounge Night of Living DingTonight is also the last night over The Ding Dong Lounge at its current location, 105th Street and Columbus Avenue.  The Ding Dong perhaps embodies the best that the term dive bar has to offer, and has hosted some fine shows over the past couple of years, often picking up bands that would have played The Lakeside Lounge had that dive bar stayed in business.

Although no bands are on the Ding Dong’s schedule tonight, DJ La La Linda and VJ Linear Regression will be holding down the fort, playing records and projecting videos from 10pm until the early hours of the morning.  Why not stop by, have a drink and say so long to the old Ding Dong Lounge (a new Ding has been promised in short order).

Michaela Anne and the Wild HeartsUnion PoolUnion Pool, 484 Union Avenue at Meeker Street (G Train to Metropolitan Avenue or L Train to Lorimer Street), 10pm, $10

Ding Dong Lounge, 929 Columbus Avenue between 105th and 106th Streets (C or 1 Trains to 103rd Street), No Cover

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