News and Notes: An Opening and A Closing

WFMU Monty Hall crop

Here’s something wonderful to report: this weekend marked the opening of a new venue, this time in Jersey City.  WFMU, the free form music station at 91.1 on the dial, has turned the formerly vacant ground floor of the building which houses the station into a live performance space.  The new venue is named Monty Hall.  Exactly how the venue will operate is still being worked out.

Although I generally confine the coverage of Now I’ve Heard Everything to the five boroughs, I have covered other venues in nearby New Jersey (particularly the late Maxwell’s in Hoboken) in the past.  Having at one time commuted to Jersey City daily, I can tell you that the trip there in general and to Monty Hall in particular is an easy commute.  Therefore, Now I’ve Heard Everything will list any show I can recommend at Monty Hall.

Record and Tape Center 1

Record and Tape Center 2

And here’s something less than wonderful to report.  The Park Slope based used record store whose old, weather-beaten sign gives its name as Record and Tape Center will be closing at the end of the month.  Located at 439 Fifth Avenue, just off the corner of 9th Street, this idiosyncratic ramshackle store has been in the neighborhood since 1972.  The cause of closing is, unsurprisingly, a decision by the landlord that he wants to do something else with the storefront.  As of right now, and unless the store can work out a short month or two extension of its lease, it  is slated to close at the end of the month.

One Response to News and Notes: An Opening and A Closing

  1. Rose Heredia says:

    Just another sign of gentrification and landlord greed that has made Park Slope a different universe than it was when we first inhabited it.

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