Tommy Ramone 1949-2014

Ramones Back Then

Tommy Ramone (second from the right above), the original drummer for The Ramones has died.  The cause of death was bile-duct cancer. He was the original drummer of The Ramones as well as producer or co-producer of their first albums.

Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1949 as Thomas Erdelyi, he was originally slated to be the manager of The Ramones.  When it was determined that their original drummer, Joey Ramone, was going to be their lead singer, Tommy started auditioning drummers, showing them how he wanted them to play.  After several auditions, the band members realized that Tommy was better at playing than anyone else they saw, and he became The Ramones’ drummer.  After several years of touring with the band, Tommy left The Ramones in 1978.

Tommy continued in the music business both as a producer and musician.  His last project was a duo  with Claudia Tienan, the bluegrass-tinged Uncle Monk.

The three other original members of the Ramones have died previously: Joey in 2001, Dee Dee  in 2002 and Johnny in 2004.  Now none are left.


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  1. I am stunned and heartbroken to hear of this. Tommy was always the loveliest, sweetest and most talented of men. I hope that his soul is surrounded with the angels of music and kindness and that they transport him with love to his new place in heaven.

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