Big Puss n Boots Photo Page

With the impending release next week of No Fool, No Fun, the first record by Puss n Boots (Norah Jones, Sasha Dobson and Catherine Popper) there has been a lot of interest in the photos I’ve post of the band over the years.  So I thought I’d make it easy for everyone by creating this page.  There’s a photo from each show of the band I’ve taken, and the link below will take you to the full set of those photos.  And don’t forget that Norah, Sasha and Catherine will be playing The Bell House on Tuesday July 15th, the day their record is released to the world.

Puss N Boots 12-11-13 1December, 2013

Puss N Boots Rockwood 6-9-13 1June, 2013

Puss N Boot Bell House 1-17-13 1January, 2013

Puss N Boots 1December, 2011

Puss N BootsApril, 2011

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