Advance Planning: June 2014 Music Calendar Update (Added 6/23)

Two shows this week with casts of dozens!

June 25 – The Bushwick Book Club sing songs inspired by Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking – performers include Bob Holman, Chris Rael, Zane Van Dusen, Susan Hwang, Leslie Graves, Casey Holford, Jessie Kilguss, Pierre de Gaillande and Shannon Pelcher – Barbes – 7pm

June 29 – The Great Harmony Swap Duets Show with  Monica “Li’l Mo” Passin, Sherryl Marshall, Lisa Lowell, Linda Hill, Tom Clark, Rebecca Turner, Dave Foster, Charlene McPherson, Jahn Xavier, Eric Ambel, Drina Lessard Seay, Annie Mark, Amy Allison, Elena Skye, Scott Anthony, Rembert Block, Elisa Peimer, Arno Hecht, Leslie Wagner, Deena Shoshkes, Colleen Hindsley, Chris James, Julie Grower and Boo Reiners – Treehouse at 2A – 9pm

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