News and Notes: Puss n Boots, Jess Klein, Tom Petty and Secret Someones

PussnBoots No Fools No Fun

There are a few upcoming releases to be on the lookout for over the next several weeks: No Fools, No Fun, the first record from Brooklyn’s Puss n Boots (left to right above: Sasha DobsonCatherine Popper and Norah Jones) will be released on July 15th; Learning Faith, a blues-influenced album from Austin’s Jess Klein on June 24th; and Hypnotic Eye from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, which Tom describes as a rock n roll record, is coming on July 29th.

Secret Someones Rockwood 2

Now I’ve Heard Everything faves Secret Someones (Above left to right: Hannah Winkler, Bess RogersZach Jones and Lelia Broussard) were recently signed to Cherry Tree Records.  The band will have a new EP out in the fall and their full length debut album, which they say is almost completed, will be out early next year.

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