Today: Darlene Love at Metro Tech Commons, Michaela Anne at Hill Country Brooklyn and Madi Diaz at Rough Trade

Choices Large

Today offers an interesting combination of shows.  The first one is at lunch time, the next two are opposite each other.  As originally scheduled, these three shows would have made a very nice triple header.  But now it’s pick one or the other of the evening shows.

First up is Darlene Love at MetroTech Commons.  Darlene was the lead voice on many of Phil Spector’s great wall of sound records from the early 60s.  If you have never heard one of them, just check out this video of Darlene on the David Letterman show.  This is an outdoor show scheduled for Noon.  I have tried to find out what will be happening if it is still raining at showtime, but cannot find any information.

UPDATE: This show has been canceled!

In the evening, at 9pm, Michaela Anne will take the stage at Hill Country Brooklyn.  I just can’t say enough good things about her new record, Ease My Mind.  Michaela’s music lies someplace between country, blues, Americana and folk.  And Ease My Mind frequently reminds me of some of the more Americana-ish offerings of The Grateful Dead and/or Bob Dylan.

Also at 9pm, but up in Williamsburg, Madi Diaz will open the evening at Rough Trade.  I saw Madi at SXSW earlier this year, where she led a three piece band (keys, drums and electric guitar) with a very full sound and played upbeat atmospheric rock.  That show was one of my SXSW 2014 highlights.

Darlene Love, MetroTech Commons near Lawrence Street, Bridge Street and Myrtle Avenue (A, C, F or R Trains to Jay Street), Noon, Free

Michaela Anne, Hill Country Brooklyn, 345 Adams Street  with the entrance around the corner on Willoughby Street (A, C, F or R Trains to Jay Street), No Cover (for dinner reservations, phone 718 885-4608 and ask to be seated on the club level), 9pm

Madi Diaz, Rough Trade, 64 North 9th Street Williamsburg between Kent and Wythe Avenues (L Train to Bedford Avenue), 9pm, $15

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