Photo Recap: Steve Wynn and The Miracle 3 at The Bowery Electric (With Set List)

As promised, Steve Wynn and The Miracle 3 played a set consisting of Lou Reed covers and four Steve Wynn songs as well (the complete set list is contained in the final photo of this post).  The full house at The Bowery Electric Thursday night saw Steve, Jason, Dave and Linda joined at various times by saxophonist Anthony Cekay and guitarist Lenny Kaye.  Lenny even took the lead vocals on one song (Run Run Run).

After concluding the show with Rock and Roll, Steve turned to the audience and asked if we wanted to hear one more song.  “It’s a short one,” he said.  Of course everyone did, and Steve then mischievously added that we’d all be home around dawn.  Then Steve, The Miracle 3 and Lenny Kaye launched into an approximately 15 minute long version of Sister Ray.

Here then are photos from that wonderful show.

SWM3 Lou Reed 1

Steve, Dave and Linda

SWM3 Lou Reed 2

Steve (with Jason in background)

SWM3 Lou Reed 3

Jason and Steve

SWM3 Lou Reed 4


Seven more photos and set list after the jump

SWM3 Lou Reed 5 Linda Pitmon


SWM3 Lou Reed 6

Jason and Anthony

SWM3 Lou Reed 7


SWM3 Lou Reed 8

Jason, Steve Lenny

SWM3 Lou Reed 9

Jason, Steve Lenny

SWM3 Lou Reed 10

Dave, Lenny

SWM3 Lou Reed 11 Steves Pedals

Steve’s pedals

SWM3 Lou Reed Set List

Set List

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