Tonight: Spanking Charlene at Arlene’s Grocery

Spanking Charlene

Welcome to the day after Memorial Day, a/k/a the Tuesday that feels like a Monday.  There are a couple of good shows tonight (you can check the Now I’ve Heard Everything May Calendar here), but leading the pack is Spanking Charlene at Arlene’s Grocery.  When you put Charlene McPherson on vocals, Mo Goldner on guitar, David Leatherwood on bass, Eric Seftel on drums and add Eric Ambel on guitar and Matthew Polashek on sax, you get a combination of rock and punk reminiscent of The RamonesSpanking Charlene will supply 100% of your minimum daily requirement of rock n roll.  It’s always a party when they play, so come join the party.

After Spanking Charlene finishes, why not stay for The Planets?  They’ve been around, have opened for The NY Dolls and The Ramones and are starting their end of the month residency at Arlene’s tonight.

Spanking Charlene (opening for The Planets), Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton Street between Orchard and Stanton Streets (F  Train to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit), 7pm, $8

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