Advance Planning: January 2013 Music Calendar

December 31, 2012

calendar2Here’s the January 2013 Now I’ve Heard Everything Music Calendar.  Most events on the calendar are free or low cost and no shows which has tickets which start at more than $40 are listed.  The calendar is always a work in progress and as additional shows are announced during the month they will be noted in a separate post and also added here.  This is the last month the The Living Room will be open in its current location, and I expect that its current schedule will have some additional shows added.

Jan. 1 – 9th Annual Hank-O-Rama honoring Hank Williams with Lenny Kaye on pedal steel, Claudia Chopek on fiddle, and Tammy Faye Starlite, Jack Grace, Tom Clarke, Travis Whitelaw, Shannon Brown, Karen Hudson and Sean Kershaw – Rodeo Bar – 2pm

Jan. 2 – Bryan DunnRockwood Music Hall – 10pm

Jan. 2 – Arum Rae – Rockwood Music Hall – 11pm

Jan. 3 – Jodi ShawRockwood Music Hall – 7pm

Jan. 3 – Hobson’s Choice, The New Ponies, Mikal Evans –  Spike Hill – 8pm

Jan. 3 – Puss N Boots (So Brown opens) – The Bell House – doors 8pm / show 9pm

Jan. 3 – Julia Haltigan – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 10:30pm

Jan. 4 – Sad Bastard (Charlene and Mo from Spanking Charlene) – ZirZamin – 6:30pm

Jan. 4 – James Maddock – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 7:30pm

Jan. 5 – Michaela AnneJalopy – 8:45pm

Jan. 5 – Alex Battles & The Whisky RebellionJalopy – 9:45pm

Jan. 5 – (is) boyRockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 12:30am

Jan. 7 – Leslie MendelsonRockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 9pm

Jan. 7 – Rich Hinman –  Rockwood Music Hall – 11pm

Jan. 8 – Ana Egge –  Rockwood Music Hall – 8pm

Jan. 8 – Sexy Badass Girl Rock Fest with MancieKnitting Factory – show 8pm

Jan. 8 – Freddie Stevenson –  Rockwood Music Hall – 9pm

Jan. 8 – Rumours Live – A Fleetwood Mac Tribute – Littlefield – 11pm

Jan. 9 – Bryan Dunn – Spike Hill – show 8pm

Jan 9 – Alana Amram and The Rough GemsUnion Pool – show 8pm

Jan. 10 – Kevn Kinney and The Truckstop Revival featuring: Aaron Lee Tasjan, The Mastersons, Brett Bass, Anton FierRockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 11:45pm

Jan. 11 – Erez and The EndNational Underground – 9pm

Jan. 12 – Dayna KurtzThe Living Room – 9pm

Jan. 13 – The Good Lovelies – The Living Room – 8pm

Jan. 13 – Shepapalooza 3 featuring Luke Wesley, Bryan Dunn and Fife & DromRockwood Music Hall – 9pm

Jan. 13 – Jay StolarRockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 9pm

Jan. 13 – Jeremiah BirnbaumRockwood Music Hall – Midnight

Jan. 14 – Nellie McKay w/ BandRockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 7pm

Jan. 15 – Aly TadrosRockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 7pm

Jan. 15 – Ana Egge –  Rockwood Music Hall – 8 pm

Jan. 15 – Full Vinyl Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 11pm

Jan. 15 – Thomas Bryan EatonPete’s Candy Sore – 11pm

Jan. 16 – Kelli ScarrThe Way Station – 9pm

Jan. 17 – Puss N Boots plus The Parkington Sisters – The Bell House – doors 8pm / show 8:30pm

Jan. 17 – Bucky HayesBar 4 – 9pm

Jan. 17 – Demolition String BandHill Country – 9:30pm

Jan. 18 – Garland JeffreysHighline Ballroom – doors 6pm / show 8pm

Jan. 18 – Alejandro Escovedo and The MastersonsCity Winery – doors 6pm / show 8pm

Jan. 18 – Serena JeanHill Country – 9:30pm

Jan. 19 – Alejandro Escovedo  and The MastersonsCity Winery – doors 6pm / show 8pm

Jan. 19 – Richard JulianRockwood Music Hall – 8-10pm

Jan. 19 – Li’l Mo and The Monicats (Birthday show) – Connolly’s – 8:30pm

Jan. 19 – Alana Amram and The Rough Gems – Brooklyn Rod & Gun – 9pm

Jan. 19 – Ulysses S. GrantRockwood Stage 2 – 10:30pm

Jan. 19 – Eric Ambel Otto’s Shrunken Head – show 8pm

Jan. 20 – Courtney Lee Adams Jr.Treehouse at 2A – 10pm

Jan. 21 – Aaron Lee Tasjan, The Malefactors of Great Wealth, Jon ChinnRockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 8pm

Jan. 21 – Jimmy & Immy – (James Maddock and David Immergluck of The Counting Crows) – Rockwood Stage 2 – 11:15pm

Jan. 22 – Ana Egge –  Rockwood Music Hall – 8 pm

Jan. 22 – Freddie Stevenson –  Rockwood Music Hall – 9pm

Jan. 22 – Arum Rae11th Street Bar – 9pm

Jan. 22 – Mieka PauleyPete’s Candy Sore – 10pm

Jan. 23 – The Lascivious Biddies –  Rockwood Music Hall – 8pm

Jan. 23 – The Beatles Complete On Ukulele presents: The Beatles’ 64 Greatest Hits with Michael des Barres, Martin Rivas, Mike Doughty, Lauren Pritchard (Spring Awakening), Leah Siegel (Firehorse), Alyson Greenfield (Tinderbox Festival), Anya Marina (Atlantic), Ludlow Thieves, Lovely Liar, Reno Is Famous, Izzy And The Catastrophics, Lee Feldman, Supercute, Fiona Silver, Kaycee McGehee and more to be announced – Brooklyn Bowl – doors 6pm / show 8pm

Jan. 24 – Israel Nash GripkaThe Studio at Webster Hall – 8:45pm

Jan. 24 – Puss N Boots plus Tall Pines – The Bell House – doors 8pm / show 9pm

Jan. 24 – Misty BoyceFontana’s – 9pm

Jan. 25 – Erez and The EndNational Underground – 8:30pm

Jan. 25 – Ana Egge & The Ohiomen – Hill Country – 9:30pm

Jan. 25 – Mikal EvansRockwood Music Hall – 10pm

Jan. 26 – NickCaseyLiving Room – 10pm

Update: Jan. 29 – Strummerville, A Benefit Concert to Celebrate the Life and Music of Joe Strummer and The Clash with H.R. (Bad Brains), Joseph Arthur, Brian Fallon, Ivan Julian, Jesse Malin, Jeffrey Gaines, Leo Mintek, Walter Lure, Matthew Ryan, Mick Stitch, The So So Glos, Shannon Funchess, Vanessa Bley, Willie Nile, Felice Rosser, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Michelle Casillas, Jack Ridley, Mike Montali, Jasno Swarez, The Young Things and many more – The Bowery Electric – 7pm sold out -11pm show added

Jan. 29 – Arum Rae11th Street Bar – 9pm

Sold Out! Jan. 29 – Harper Blynn plus Special Guests – Living Room – 9-11pm

Jan. 30 – Mary Lee’s Corvette: Blood On The Tracks – Joe’s Pub – 7:30pm

Sold Out! Jan. 30 – Kathleen Edwards (trio show) – City Winery – doors 6pm / show 8pm

Sold Out! Jan. 30 – Harper Blynn plus Special Guests – Living Room – 8-11pm

Jan. 30 – Chris CubetaRockwood Music Hall – 11pm

Jan. 30 – Nick Africano – Rockwood Music Hall – Midnight

Sold Out! Jan. 31 – Kathleen Edwards (trio show) – City Winery – doors 6pm / show 8pm

February and Beyond

Feb. 2 – New PoniesThe Gutter – show 9pm

Feb. 5 – Joe WhyteRockwood Music Hall – 8pm

Feb. 6 – Carrie Rodriguez Rockwood Stage 2 – 7pm

Feb. 7 – Willy Mason w/Special GuestRockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 8pm

Feb. 8 – Nicole AtkinsRubin Museum of Art – 7pm

Feb. 8 – James Maddock (Record Release Show) – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 7:30pm

Feb. 9 – James Maddock (Record Release Show) – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 7:30pm

Feb. 12 – Bruce Robison and Kelly WillisJoe’s Pub – 7pm

Feb. 15 – Jill Sobule – Union Hall – show 9pm

Feb. 16 – Nick AfricanoThe Living Room – 8pm

Feb. 16 – Chris StameyJoe’s Pub – 9:30pm

Feb. 16 – Spanking Charlene (Annual Love Sucks show) – Ding Dong Lounge – Time TBA

Feb. 17 – Red MollyCity Winery – doors 6pm / show 8pm

Feb. 19 – Jonathan RichmanThe Bell House – doors 8pm / show 9pm

Feb. 20 – Jonathan RichmanThe Bell House – doors 8pm / show 9pm

Feb. 22 – Freedy Johnston – Rubin Museum of Art – 7pm

Feb. 25 – PoundcakeCity Winery – doors 6pm / show 8pm

Feb. 27 – Nick Africano – Rockwood Music Hall – Midnight

Feb. 28 – Charlene Kaye, Alexz Johnson, Jay Stolar and Misty BoyceHighline Ballroom – doors 6pm / show 7pm

Mar. 2 – Sister Sparrow and The Dirty BirdsBowery Ballroom – doors 8pm / show 9pm

Mar. 9 – Red Wanting BlueBowery Ballroom – 9pm

Mar. 15 – The DamnwellsBowery Ballroom – doors 8pm / show 9pm

Mar. 15 – Christine Ohlman and Rebel MontezHill Country – doors 10pm /show 10:30pm

Mar. 19 – Camera ObscuraLe Poisson Rouge – 8pm

Mar. 20 – The Waterboys Present An Appointment With Mr YeatsTown Hall – 8pm

Mar. 21 – Ana EggeJalopy – 9pm

Mar. 27 – Nick Africano – Rockwood Music Hall – Midnight

Mar. 29 – Eric Andersen – Rubin Museum of Art – 7pm

Mar. 30 – Caitlin RoseUnion Hall – Time TBA

Apr. 1 – Caitlin RoseMercury Lounge – 7pm

Music Video: Ann and Nancy Wilson – Stairway to Heaven (2012 Kennedy Center Honors)

December 30, 2012

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, Jason Bonham, a string section and a choir give new life to this, the world’s most overplayed song, at The Kennedy Center Honors Led Zeppelin earlier this month.  Click play and be amazed, just like those guys in the audience that this video cuts back to frequently: Led Zep themselves.

News and Notes: The Living Room to Close Current Location in January and Move

December 29, 2012

Living Room_Logo

Late yesterday (Friday 12/28), The Living Room, via e-mail, announced:

After 15 years in business and 10 years in our current space, The Living Room will be closing the doors at 154 Ludlow St at the end of January. We will relocate to a new space next spring.  Though it saddens us to leave, this is not the end of The Living Room. Although the skyrocketing cost of rent has made it impossible for us to keep our current location, we are actively negotiating a new space.

The Living Room also announced a campaign via Pledge Music to raise money to assist in raising funds for the move to and building out of a new home for the club.  The premiums include three different compilation CDs of live performances at The Living Room (including copies signed by Norah Jones, who got her start at The Living Room) up through a reserved table at the new Living Room for a year.

While this announcement was surprising, I did not find it unexpected.  There were signs over the past few weeks that something was up at The Living Room.  Publicly posted minutes of Manhattan Community Board 3  from November and December show that an entity named 154 Ludlow Bar LLC wanted to apply for a liquor license for 154 Ludlow Street, the current location of The Living Room.  That was surprising, as the corporation which owns The Living Room is  The New Living Room Cafe Inc.  However, before the application of 154 Ludlow Bar LLC was discussed at the Community Board meeting, it was withdrawn.  In addition, for the last two weeks of December and all of January the bookings at The Living Room were far less than is usual.

Of course there are questions which remain about this move. Where will The Living Room move, and will it remain on the Lower East Side?  Will it retain its current mix of free and ticket shows (one of the Pledge Music campaign premiums is two tickets to a show a week at The Living Room)?  I suppose time will tell.

News and Notes: Two Mystery New Years Eve Shows

December 28, 2012

It’s just four days before New Years Eve.  If you still have no plans but have a sense of adventure, here are two shows you can consider.

NIHE N Logo 2012We Know the Place But We Don’t Know the Band: The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 has a New Years Eve show at 10pm with a band that will be announced on December 31st at 9am.  The description of the band on The Rockwood website is “Two sets of music featuring one of our favorite bands. We’re excited to welcome them back for the first time in quite a while. Lots of horns, funk, soul and everything in between!”

I don’t know the name of the band for certain, but it certainly sounds like Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds.  SSDB used to  play The Rockwood regularly until they got a van and opted for life on the road.  I do know that they are playing NYC the night before and have nothing on their schedule for 12/31.  Tickets for The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 New Years Eve show are $20 or $75 with open bar until 12:30am.  But remember, I’m only guessing here.

NIHE N Logo 2012We Know the Band But We Don’t Know the Place: Mancie has announced on Facebook and Twitter that they will be playing someplace on New Years Eve for free.  It’s the where and when that are still forthcoming.  Mancie’s EP, Only the Wanted was one of Now I’ve Heard Everything’s Best Albums of 2012 list and I’ve seen the band live and I enjoyed them and their brand of straight ahead rock.  Sometime over the next four days, we’ll get the details about their NYE show.

Update: Mancie will be playing Spike Hill at 9:30pm on New Years Eve.  The show is free.

Tonight: Whatever You’d Like To Hear, Someone Is Playing It

December 27, 2012

Choices Large

Whatever you might like to hear, there is a show out there tonight that I can recommend.  Alberta Cross will play straight ahead rock at Brooklyn Bowl tonight at 8pm.  At 8:30pm, Dar Williams and The Nields will play their folk and rock at The Bell House, and  Jeremiah Birnbaum will do likewise at Hill Country, also at 8:30pm.  Kelli Scarr will bring her alt country to The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 tonight at 9:15pm.  Finally at 10pm,  Thomas Bryan Eaton and Hobson’s Choice will play some rock at Pete’s Candy Store.

Here are the details:

Alberta Cross, Brooklyn Bowl, 61 Wythe Avenue between N. 11th & 12th Streets, Williamsburg (G Train to Nassau Avenue or L Train to Bedford Avenue), doors 6pm / show 8pm, $8

Dar Williams (with The Nields opening), The Bell House, 149 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, Brooklyn (F or G Trains to 4th Avenue or R Train to 9th Street), doors 7:30pm / show 8:30pm, $25

Jeremiah Birnbaum, Hill Country, 30 W. 26th Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway (F, M or R Trains to 23rd Street), 8:30pm, No Cover

Kelli Scarr, Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, 196 Allen Street between Houston and Stanton Streets (F Train to 2nd Avenue,

Thomas Bryan Eaton and Hobson’s Choice, Pete’s Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St Williamsburg (L Train to Lorimer Street or G Train to Metropolitan Avenue), 10pm, No Cover (but a contribution for the musicians is highly recommended)

News and Notes: Comings and Goings in 2012

December 26, 2012

Today, Now I’ve Heard Everything will take a look at the comings and goings in the New York music scene over 2012.  However, over the past year there were more goings than comings.

NIHE N Logo 2012Welcome: ZirZamin a new new music venue located at Houston Street and LaGuardia Place, the southeastern corner of Greenwich Village.  Although the name is Persian, ZirZamin (pronounced zir ZA min) is Austin-themed, as it is run by Paul Oviesi, who ran Momo’s a wonderful but now shuttered club in Austin.  The music space at ZirZamin is small, but in a cozy and not cramped way.  There’s some interesting food (brisket tacos!) as well.

NIHE N Logo 2012Closed:  Three music venues bit the dust in 2012: Southpaw in Park Slope, Zebulon in Williamsburg and The Lakeside Lounge in the East Village.  The story behind each of the closings vary, but rising costs and lessening income seem to be a common theme.

NIHE N Logo 2012Moved Away: This year Adam Levy, Harper Blynn and Sydney Wayser all moved their home base to LA.  Courtney Kaiser of KaiserCartel also moved from here, ending up in Michigan.  Reasons vary, but I worry that NYC has gotten  too expensive for anyone who is not wealthy to afford.

NIHE N Logo 2012R.I.P: Pete Fornatale, Levon Helm and Frank Christian.  NIHE covered the deaths of Pete and Levon (click on the links).  Frank, however, never got any coverage here.  He was a fine blues guitarist I used to follow back in the 80s, but I lost track of him.   I saw that he played a show at The Rockwood Music Hall this year, and I made a note to catch him the next time he played.  That never happened as he died suddenly just two days ago.

Music Video: Darlene Love – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Live 2012

December 25, 2012

This song originally appeared on what is generally know as the Phil Spector Christmas Album (titled A Christmas Gift to You when originally released in 1963 and again available under that name).  Darlene Love has performed it every year since 1986 on the final new episode before Christmas of Late Night with David Letterman (NBC) and the Late Show with David Letterman (CBS).  Here is this year’s version, from a few days ago.  Neither Darlene nor this song have lost anything since it was first recorded.

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