Tonight: Spanking Charlene’s Last Show at The Lakeside Lounge

It’s the third Saturday of the month, time once again for Spanking Charlene to appear at The Lakeside Lounge.  Of course, with The Lakeside closing at the end of the month this will be the last time the band will play there.  So come out and hear Charlene, Mo, Alison and Eric (and perhaps Eric Ambel) combine rock and punk in a way reminiscent of The Ramones.  They’ll play songs from their recently release album, Where Are the Freaks, and more, with, I’m sure, some surprises thrown in as well.  Note that the band will be going on a bit earlier tonight, at 10:30pm.

Update: Yes, Eric Ambel will be part of Spanking Charlene tonight.

Spanking Charlene, Lakeside Lounge, 162 Avenue B near 10th Street (any train to 14th Street or the L Train to 1st Avenue, transfer t0 the M14A or M14D bus to 11th Street and walk to Avenue B), 10:30pm, No Cover (but donation for the band strongly encouraged)

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