Review: Norah Jones at The Tarrytown Music Hall

On April 11th, Norah Jones and her 2012 band played what they described as a warm up show in Tarrytown, a suburb about an hour’s drive north of New York City.  It was announced through and on the Facebook Norah Jones band page.   I was lucky enough to get tickets to this one.

On the basis of this show, I’d say that the band is warmed up and ready to go.  I did not write down the names of the band memebers, but they seem to be a completely different crew from the folks who recorded LBH.  Norah plays the same electric piano and keyboard which she played during The Fall tour as well as electric and acoustic guitar.  There’s also another guitarist, a bass player, a drummer and another keys player.

Just like the show in Austin at SXSW last month, we heard the entire Little Broken Hearts played in the same order as the album (Good Morning, Say Goodye, Little Broken Hearts, She’s 22, Take It Back, After The fall, 4 Broken Hearts, Travelin’ On, Out on The Road, Happy Pills, Miriam, All A Dream).  These songs detail a particularly messy break up (including dueling affairs).  Even though the story told through these songs is pretty much a downer, the music is never morose and pretty much in line with the already heard via the Internet Say Goodbye and Happy Pills.

After the end of the LBH segment, the band left the stage, Norah sat down at the electric piano and played The Nearness of You (chosen I suspect because it’s an unambiguous love song which contrasted with the unhappy lyrics of LBH) and I Don’t Know Why.  The band then came back and joined Norah on Sinkin’ Soon, It’s Gonna Be, Bessie Smith (a cover of the song by The Band), Stuck, Come Away With Me, and Black.  For the encore, Norah and the band came up to the front of the stage around a single mike with only accoustic instruments and played Sunrise and How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart.

This show ran about 90 minutes. Although Norah’s new songs have some new sounds for her, this is a show that will leave her fans pleased.

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