Photo Recap: The Baseball Project at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Last night’s performance by The Baseball Project at The Metropolitan Museum of Art was unique for several reasons.  The band played as a quintet, with Mike Mills (who in the past has at times substituted for Peter Buck) playing organ, piano and bass. There was a new song in the set with  Scott McCaughey singing lead (and therefore probably written by him) about the man who donated his baseball card collection to the Met, probably titled Jefferson Burdick.  There was a new Mike Mills verse in Fair Weather Fans, sung by Mike, of course, which replaced the Peter Buck verse, and which allowed Mike to state his opinion about the Hrbek and Gant play in 1991 World Series (and counter Craig Finn‘s take on that matter in Don’t Call Them Twinkies, which did not appear last night).  In deference to The Met, Ted Fucking Williams became Ted Freaking Williams.  And the vocals were incredibly clean and pushed up front.

Here are some photos plus the set list from the show:

Scott McCaughey

Mike Mills (seated left) and Steve Wynn

Peter Buck

Linda Pitmon

More photos after the jump

Mike and Steve

Peter and Steve


Peter and Mike

Set List

All Future and No Past

Fair Weather Fans (with new Mike Mills verse replacing the Peter Buck verse)

Jackie’s Lament

Gratitude for Curt Flood

Chin Music



Harvey Haddix

Jefferson Burdick (new song about the man who donated his baseball card collection to the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Satchel Paige Said

Here Lies Carl Mays

Buckner’s Bolero

Ted Freaking Williams (expurgated version)

Panda and The Freak

Past Time

Encore: Ichiro Goes to the Moon

2 Responses to Photo Recap: The Baseball Project at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  1. I should have known you would be there… didn’t think of it until I saw this post, or else I would have thought to look for you & say hello. I saw TBP a couple of nights before at Maxwell’s (did a write-up with photos on my blog here: )

    It was funny to hear them joke last night about how the Met smelled better than Maxwell’s. And the band certainly dressed up more for the high-class gig! (in addition to cleaning up the language for the Ted Williams song).

    As a blogger, it was nice to take photos at a gig that actually had a decent amount of light on the stage.

    BTW, are you going to Rockwood Sunday night? I’m seeing one act there at 6, then 7, then may stick around to see Misty Boyce at 10.

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks for the pictures and review…

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