Advance Planning: April 2012 Music Calendar Update (Added 4/11)

Here are the details for the upcoming Full Vinyl Show at The Rockwood:

Apr. 16 – Full Vinyl Vol. 4: Yacht Rock (Kenny Loggins, Michael MacDonald, Hall and Oates, Toto, Fleetwood Mac, The Carpenters, Steely Dan, Carpenters, etc). Featuring Tony Maceli, Greg Mayo, Zach Jones, Pat Firth, Dan Tirer, Martin Rivas, Josh Dion, Brian Collazo, Misty Boyce, Casey Shea, Deena Goodman, Michelle Casillas, Charlene Kaye, Emily Long, Julia Haltigan, Mike Chiavaro, Ben Zwerin, Oscar Bautista, Rob Jost, Rob DiPietro, Tony Scherr, Matt Basile, Dave Pittenger, Tom Welsch, Kirk Schoenherr, Andrea Longato, Steve Dawson, Mark Marshall, Scott Chasolen, Jamie Alegre, Tommy Diehl, Seth Faulk, Kenny Shaw, Spencer Cohen, Tommy Diehl, Paul Amorese, Ryan Vaughn, and more – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – 11:30pm


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