Photo Recap: My Pet Dragon at The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

December 31, 2010

My Pet Dragon played to an enthusiastic and good-sized audience at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 Wednesday night.  The five person band played for for about 45 minutes. MPD’s music has influences which range from U2 to mid-80s electro pop and includes Indian dance from backup singer Reena Shah.

Tonight: Sasha Dobson at The Living Room

December 30, 2010

Sasha Dobson has been on the road for most of the past year, both opening for and then playing in Norah Jones‘ band.  Norah’s tour is finally over and Sasha is once again playing shows here in her home base.  Tonight she plays The Living Room.  Most likely Sasha will be joined by her band (including Steve Elliot on lead guitar) and play songs from her 2010 EP, Burn, which was one of Now I’ve Heard Everything’s Best Albums of 2010, and the title track was also one of NIHE’s Best Songs of 2010.  NIHE gets a constant stream of  people looking for Burn.  Sasha sells it at her shows, so if you are looking for an excellent bunch of songs, tonight’s your night to get it.

Update: Tonight’s show is with a full band.  Playing lead guitar tonight will be Aaron Lee Tasjan from The Madison Square Gardeners.

Sasha Dobson, The Living Room, 154 Ludlow Street between Stanton and Rivington Streets (F Train to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit), 9pm, No Cover (but a contribution for the band is highly recommended)

Tonight: My Pet Dragon at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

December 29, 2010

My Pet Dragon is a band with some interesting 70s and 80s influences and whose live show is musically interesting and fun. Their song, Lover in Hiding, is one of my favorite songs released in 2010.  They consist of Todd Michaelsen (guitar, lead vocals), Reena Shah (backing vocals, percussion) Mario Padron (bass), Rajeev Maddela (drums) and Vincent Mascolo (guitar).  They’ll be playing in the big room at The Rockwood Music Hall.  So even if they still haven’t plowed your street, see if you can get out tonight.

My Pet Dragon, The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, 196 Allen Street between Houston and Stanton Streets (F Train to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit), 10pm, No Cover (but a contribution for the band is highly recommended)

Advance Planning: January Music Calendar

December 28, 2010

It’s almost January so it’s time for the monthly music calendar.  Next month is absolutely jammed packed with good shows, assuming that we don’t have another city-stopping blizzard.

Jan. 1 – The Detroit CobrasThe Bell House – 8pm

Jan. 2 – Hannah CohenRockwood Music Hall – 11pm*

Jan. 4 – Nick AfricanoRockwood Music Hall – 6pm

Jan. 4 – Julia HaltiganRockwood Stage 2 – 8pm

Jan. 4 – Aaron Lee TasjanRockwood Music Hall – 10pm*

Jan. 4 – Rich Hinman – Rockwood Music Hall – 11pm*

Jan. 5 – Danny Kalb QuartetThe Living Room – 10pm*

Jan. 6 – Lelia BroussardRockwood Music Hall – 8pm

Jan. 6 – Adam Levy and The Mint ImperialsRockwood Music Hall – 9pm

Jan. 7 – Dar Williams, KaiserCartelThe Bell House – 7pm

Jan. 7 – My Pet Dragon – Cameo – 9pm*

Jan. 8 – Carolyn WonderlandRodeo Bar – 11pm

Jan. 8 – Sister Sparrow and The Dirty BirdsRockwood Stage 2 – 11:15pm

Jan. 9 – The Lascivious BiddiesRockwood Music Hall – 5pm

Jan. 10 – Martha WainwrightRockwood Music Hall – 9pm

Jan. 10 – Aaron Lee TasjanRockwood Music Hall – 10pm*

Jan. 10 – Rich Hinman – Rockwood Music Hall – 11pm*

Jan. 11 – The Good LoveliesRockwood Music Hall – 7pm

Jan. 11 – Mojo ManciniRockwood Stage 2 – 7pm

Jan. 11 – Amy CorreiaRockwood Stage 2 – 9:15pm

Jan. 12 – Laura Cantrell11th Street Bar – 9pm§

Jan. 12 – Drina and The Deep Blue SeaBanjo Jim’s – 10pm

Jan. 13 – Ursa MinorRockwood Music Hall – 7pm

Jan. 13 – Lelia Broussard (acoustic all covers show) – Rockwood Music Hall – 8pm*

Jan. 13 – The PiercesMercury Lounge – 10pm

Jan. 13 –  Ulysses S. Grant – Classic Country & Western Music featuring Pete Harper, J Blynn, Rich Hinman, Chris Morrissey, Dan Rieser, Jim Campilongo – Rockwood Stage 2 – 10pm*

Jan. 13 – The Youpornographers featuring Aaron Lee Tasjan, Rich Hinman, and Mark Stepro of the Madison Square Gardeners & Chris Morrissey of TaurusRockwood Stage 2 – 11:59pm§

Jan. 14 – Demolition String BandThe Living Room – 7pm

Jan. 14 – The RamblersMercury Lounge – 8pm§

Jan. 14 – Wes HutchinsonRockwood Stage 2 – 10:30pm

Jan. 15 – Lianne SmithThe Living Room – 7pm§

Jan. 15 – Deni BonetThe Living Room – 9pm

Jan. 15 – Israel Nash GripkaPete’s Candy Store – 10pm

Jan. 15 – Spanking CharleneLakeside Lounge – 11pm

Jan. 15 – Harper BlynnRockwood Stage 2 – 11:59pm

Jan. 16 – Teddy Thompson & Friends – City Winery – 8pm

Jan. 17 – Martha WainwrightRockwood Music Hall – 9pm

Jan. 19 – “I Beg Your Parton” Addie Brownlee sings Dolly (with Special Guest Martha Wainwright) – The Living Room – 8pm

Jan. 19 – My Pet DragonRockwood Stage 2 – 11pm§§

Jan. 20 – Lelia Broussard (with special guests) – Rockwood Music Hall – 8pm§

Jan. 20 – Harper BlynnUnion Pool – 9pm§§

Jan. 20 – Misty BoyceRockwood Music Hall – 11pm Canceled§§

Jan. 21 – Alejandro Escovedo w/strings – City Winery – 8pm

Jan. 21- Emily ZuzikRockwood Music Hall – 10pm

Jan. 22 – The Morning PagesThe Living Room – 7pm

Jan. 22 – Alejandro Escovedo w/ Sensitive Boys Orchestra & Special Guests – City Winery – 9pm

Jan. 24 – Martha WainwrightRockwood Music Hall – 9pm

Jan. 25 – Sasha DobsonBarbes – 7pm

Jan. 28 – Richard Julian Rockwood Music Hall – 8pm

Jan. 28 – James MaddockKnitting Factory – 8pm§

Jan. 29 – Sarah JaroszRockwood Music Hall – 7pm

Jan. 29 – My Pet DragonBowery Ballroom – 8:30pm†

Jan. 29 – Leslie MendelsonRockwood Music Hall – 9pm§

Jan. 29 – The Ramblers (with strings and a horn section) – The Living Room – 9pm§

Jan. 31 – Robbie FulksMercury Lounge – 7:30pm

Jan. 31 – Richard Julian LIC Bar – 8pm†

Jan. 31 – Martha WainwrightRockwood Music Hall – 9pm

*Updated Dec. 29-Jan. 6

§Updated Jan. 10-14

§§Updated Jan. 18-20

†Updated Jan. 24-25

Music for Last Minute New Years Eve Planners

December 27, 2010

If you are still looking for something to do on New Years Eve, here are some shows with no cover or not all that expensive tickets.  The shows which are not charging covers and those marked pay at the door are where you should head if you are making up your mind Friday night.

Mike DoughtyMaxwell’s – 7:30pm -$25

Sharon Jones and The Dap-KingsBest Buy Theater – 9pm -$55

The Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout55 Bar – 10pm – 2am – Probably No Cover

The Fleshtones and The Detroit CobrasMaxwell’s – 10:30pm – $25

The BuzzardsThe Rodeo Bar -10:30pm – No Cover

The Mike Hunt BandLakeside Lounge – 11pm – $10 (pay at the door)

The Madison Square GardenersThe National Underground – upstairs – 11pm – $20 (pay at the door)

Lorraine Leckie and her DemonsBanjo Jim’s – 11pm -$10

Mother Feather Rockwood Stage 2 – 12:30am – No Cover

Blizzard Updates

December 26, 2010

I posted three shows for tonight on the December calendar.  Here are the blizzard updates for them as of 2:30pm:

Postponed: Dar Williams and KaiserCartel at  The Bell House.  The show has been rescheduled for January 7.

Definitely on: Dayna Kurtz at  Barbes at 6pm.

Update at 5:20pm: Definitely on:  Sasha Dobson at Rockwood Stage 2 at 9pm

Freebie: A Christmas Gift for You from The Del-Lords

December 25, 2010

As you’ve probably have seen already, the  back together again Del-Lords placed an album, Under Construction, and a song, When the Drugs Kick In on the Now I’ve Heard Everything Best Albums of 2010 and Best Songs of 2010 lists.  Now, they have a freebie to gift upon you.  Here’s the story in the Del-Lords’ own words:

Way back when the Del-Lords invited ace musicologist Andy Shernoff up to their little practice room/clubhouse/studio on 8th Avenue to help them record a Christmas song that Scott had written. They dubbed 200 of them to cassette and stuffed them in envelopes that went to friends, fans and family pretty much in lieu of gifts for that year. This holiday season the Del-Lords would like to pass that gift along to all of you.

Click here to get Merry Christmas Baby.  And be sure to check the Del-Lords website for more information about the group.

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