This Is It – The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 Opens Tonight

The rumor mill started when I read this in Brooklyn Vegan on May 6th last year:

Rumor has it that LES spot Rockwood Music Hall…will be expanding its current, limited-capacity venue.

Well, we’ve finally made the full trip from rumor to reality as The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 opens tonight with Zach Williams as its inaugural performer.  Stage 2 will have a capacity of 150 to 200, depending on the configuration, is adjacent to the current Rockwood Music Hall (which will get the retronym Stage 1) but must be entered separately. It will have a separate bar and also has a balcony.  The schedule for Stage 2 at this point is:

Friday April 16 – Amber Rubarth and The Madison Square Gardeners

Saturday, April 17 – Julia Darling, The Grey Race, and Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds

Sunday, April 18 – Nate Campany

Monday, April 19 – Lady Danville

Wednesday, April 21 – Dusty Brown and The Kin

Thursday, April 22 – Poundcake and Josh Dion

Friday, April 23 – The Stationary Set

Saturday, April 24 – The Mieka Canon and Robbie Gil

Monday, April 26 – Coby Brown (with David Immergluck from Counting Crows) and James Maddock

But one note: the name Stage 2, while true and accurate has absolutely no pizazz.  Some friends and I decided a while back that this new larger place should be called The Rockwood Colosseum.   And to some of us, that is what it will be.

2 Responses to This Is It – The Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 Opens Tonight

  1. Gary_G says:

    You made my day with Daffy and Bugs This is it.

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