Tonight: The Demolition String Band at The National Underground

March 31, 2010

When any band has string band in its name, you expect old-timey country.  Well, you are just not going to get that from The Demolition String Band.  There’s twang and alt country, but the DSB rock hard as well.  The band is led by front woman Elena Skye and guitarist Boo Rainers, and whatever they are playing in their self described genre of hardcorn grindgrass fullbarn stompdown twangadelix, your ears will definitely be pleased.

The Demolition String Band, The National Underground (upstairs), 159 E. Houston St. Between Allen and Eldridge Streets (F or the soon to be discontinued V Train to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit)

Music Video: Jewmongous – They Tried To Kill Us (We Survived Let’s Eat)

March 30, 2010

Appropriately for the first day of Passover, we have Sean Altman (Jewmongous) providing the story of Passover “according to Wikipedia.”  You can see Jewmongous‘ Passover Extravaganza this  Saturday April 3 at  92Y Tribeca, 8pm doors/9pm show.  A big tip of the hat to Bob Cohen who reminded me about this video.

Breaking: Norah Jones to Open Celebrate Brooklyn 2010

March 29, 2010

She was born in Brooklyn, she’ll be moving there soon and best of all she’ll be opening Celebrate Brooklyn in 2010.  It has just been announced that Norah Jones will be performing at the first show of the Celebrate Brooklyn 2010 season, on Wednesday June 9th at 8pm.  As always, the show is free with a $3 suggested contribution.

Advance Planning – Music for April

March 29, 2010

It’s time once again to look at the month ahead and give those of you who want to plan in advance an opportunity to see what’s happening.  The usual warnings abound: the further out you go, the more likely it is that things will be added, subtracted or changed in some way or another.  Void where prohibited.  Your mileage may vary.

Updated Friday April 2 and Wednesday April 7

April 1 – Best CoastBowery Ballroom – 8pm

April 2 – Sister Sparrow and The Dirty BirdsPete’s Candy Store – 11pm

April 3 – Jewmongous‘ Passover Extravaganza!  – 92Y Tribeca – 8pm doors/9pm show

April 5 – Sasha Dobson –  The Living Room – 10pm

April 6 – Eleanor WhitmoreThe Living Room – 8pm

April 6 – NRBW – The Stone – 10pm

April 7 – Best CoastMercury Lounge – 8pm

April 7 – The Watson TwinsMercury Lounge – 11pm

April 8 – L’il Mo and The MonicatsBanjo Jim’s – 8:30pm

April 9 – James MaddockThe Rockwood Music Hall – 9-11pm

April 13 – Carrie RodriguezJoe’s Pub – 7:30 pm

April 14 – Harper Blynn (with special guests) – The Living Room – 9pm

April 14 – Sasha DobsonThe Rockwood Music Hall – 10pm

April 17 – Freedy JohnstonSouthpaw – 8pm

April 17 – Spanking CharleneLakeside Lounge – 11pm

April 21 – Jacob Dylan and Three LegsTown Hall – 8pm

April 21 – Harper Blynn (with special guests) – The Living Room – 9pm

April 23 – Tim Luntzel and Charlie BurnhamThe Stone – 10pm

April 26 – The Lascivious BiddiesThe Rockwood Music Hall – 7pm

April 28 – Harper Blynn (with special guests) – The Living Room – 9pm

April 30 – Milton92Y Tribeca – 8pm doors/9pm show

Getting to Second Bass

March 28, 2010

Dave Dreiwitz (left) and Adam Bernstein; photo by Jay Korman

Singer-songwriter Kelly Flint tells the story of two explorers lost in the jungle well after nightfall who begin to hear drums.  The first explorer notes “we’re OK as long as we keep hearing the drums; if they stop we’re in trouble.” “Why? What happens then” asks the second explorer.  The first explorer replies “bass solo.”

There was nothing to fear last night at Perch Cafe in Park Slope as bass players Adam Bernstein and Dave Dreiwitz turned the performance space into their living room and played a bunch of songs you know rearranged for two basses.  Included in the set were songs by The Beatles (From Me to You), The Rolling Stones (Honky Tonk Women), 10cc (I’m Not in Love) and Hall and Oates (Rich Girl) .  But it was on Deep Purple’s Highway Star where Adam and Dave showed their chops.

If it was the purpose of  Adam and Dave to show last night that the bass can stand front and center and on its own they did just that.  But if they meant to leave the audience feeling good and with a smile on their faces they did that as well.

Music Video: Winterpills – Handkerchiefs

March 27, 2010

Last night’s Winterpills show at The Living Room featured many of the band’s older songs, including  Handkerchiefs.  So I was inspired to post this video of that song.  Handkerchiefs is one of the few Winterpills songs on which keyboard player Flora Reed takes the lead vocals.

Tonight: Great Double Feature – Winterpills and Sister Sparrow

March 26, 2010


There are two very interesting bands playing tonight on the Lower East Side.  To see both of them, all you need do is walk the three blocks between The Living Room and The Rockwood Music Hall.

Winterpills are first up at  The Living Room at 9pm.  This Northampton, Massachusetts based band plays ambient rock, often called chamber pop.  But don’t think that means they are a quiet band; as I often tell people, what Winterpills do is play quiet music loudly.  And make no mistake, they rock out as well, especially on their song Broken Arm.   Winterpills only play a few dates in NYC each year so don’t miss seeing them tonight.

Then, at 10pm, walk over to The Rockwood Music Hall and see Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds.  As I’ve noted before, SS&TDB are a nine-piece soul/rock/funk band who will not only have you tapping your toes, but moving your whole being.  That is, if there is room at The Rockwood for you to do so, as their shows pack the folks into that small club.

Winterpills, The Living Room, 154 Ludlow Street at Stanton Street (F or the soon to be eliminated V Train to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit), 9pm $5

Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds, The Rockwood Music Hall, 196 Allen Street between Houston and Stanton Streets (F or the soon to be eliminated V Train to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit), 10pm, No Cover (but $5 donation for the band strongly suggested)

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