Freebies: New Songs from The Damnwells and The Watson Twins

February 26, 2011

Alex Dezen of The Damnwells

The Great Unknown is a new track from The Damnwells‘ upcoming record, No One Listens To The Band Anymore, which is due to be released March 15.  The band and Paste Magazine are offering a free download of the song.  Just click here for it.

The Watson Twins have just finished recording an EP.  Titled Night Covers, the record, as you can guess, consists of a bunch of cover tunes.  It’s due out April 18th, but you can download an mp3 from it.  The song is titled You Showed Me (originally done by The Turtles).  All you need do to get is to click here and provide your email address for The Watson Twins’ email list.


Photo Recap: The Watson Twins at The Bowery Ballroom

September 16, 2010

The Watson Twins played The Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday, supporting Laura Veirs.  The left their band at home and played this time with only a keyboard player, Skip (whose last name I have forgotten).  Chandra and Leigh included songs from all their albums and the approximately 40 minuted set included Southern Manners, Just Like Heaven, Modern Man and U N Me among other songs.  The show had a nice intimate vibe to it.  Here are a few photos I took.

More photos after the jump Read the rest of this entry »

Tonight: The Watson Twins at The Bowery Ballroom

September 14, 2010

It was three years ago when I stumbled upon The Watson Twins one afternoon at Austin’s South By Southwest.  They played the hauntingly gorgeous Shoot the Lights Out (from their then current EP, Southern Manners, one of my 10 Best of the Decade Albums).  And I had my Oh Wow moment of the year.

As The Watson Twins are LA-based, the opportunity to see them in New York City is not an everyday one.  But you have another chance to see them tonight.  They have a record out, issued earlier this year, Talking to You, Talking to Me, and it’s a good one.  TTY, TTM harkens back to their first record, Southern Manners.

After playing The Bell House and The Mercury Lounge earlier this year, The Watson Twins are at The Bowery Ballroom tonight.  They’ll play after Land to Sea and before headliner Laura Veirs & The Hall of Flames.

The Watson TwinsThe Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey Street between The Bowery and Allen Street (F Train to Delancey Street; J, M or Z Trains to Essex Street), doors, 7pm, The Watson Twins should hit the stage at 9pm, $15

Advance Planning: What A Week Coming Up

September 13, 2010

Rest up tonight, because there is a good show (and sometimes two of them) every night this week from tomorrow (Tuesday) through Saturday.  I’ll just list all of them for you right now.  During  the rest of the week, I’ll take a look at that evening’s show (at least that’s the plan at this point).

Sept. 14 – The Watson TwinsBowery Ballroom – 8pm

Sept. 15 – Second DanRockwood Stage 2 – 9pm

Sept. 16 – Alana StewartThe Rockwood Music Hall – 6pm

Sept. 16 – Those DarlinsBowery Ballroom – 9pm

Sept. 17 – Sister Sparrow and The Dirty BirdsRockwood Stage 2 – 10pm

Sept. 18 – Those DarlinsBrooklyn Bowl – 9pm

Sept. 18 – Spanking CharleneLakeside Lounge – 11pm

Sept. 19 – Spottiswoode and His EnemiesRockwood Stage 2 – 5pm

Advance Planning: September Music Calendar

August 30, 2010

September is just two days away, so it’s time to get a jump on the month with Now I’ve Heard Everything’s monthly music calendar.  Since September is the start of the Arts year (in addition to the school and Hebrew years), there’s lots going on, and unlike some other months, things seem set for all of September.

And just a note about ticket prices: I keep the cost of a show in mind when I put together the listings for Now I’ve Heard Everything.  For that reason, I haven’t included some shows I would have otherwise included this time around.

Sept. 2 – The DamnwellsRockwood Stage 2 – 7:30pm (sold out) & 10:15pm

Sept. 3 – The RadiatorsBrooklyn Bowl – 9pm

Sept. 6 – Misty BoyceRockwood Stage 2 – 8:30pm

Sept. 7 – Maura Kennedy – Googie’s Lounge (Upstairs at The Living Room) – 8pm*

Sept. 9 – Jesse Harris and  Hannah CRockwood Stage 2 – 7:30pm

Sept. 10 – The Golden PalominosCity Winery – 9pm

Sept. 10 – Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds – Sullivan Hall – 9pm

Sept 10 – Harper BlynnThe Living Room – Midnight

Sept. 11 – James MaddockRockwood Stage 2 – 8pm

Sept. 12 – Brooklyn Book Festival -  five panels on music related writing (including Rosanne Cash at 1pm) – Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza – 10am to 5pm

Sept. 12 – Clyde (Misty Boyce and Nick Africano) – Googie’s Lounge (Upstairs at The Living Room) – 9:20pm*

Sept. 14 – The Watson TwinsBowery Ballroom – 8pm

Sept. 15 – Second DanRockwood Stage 2 – 9pm

Sept. 16 – Those DarlinsBowery Ballroom – 9pm

Sept. 17 – Sister Sparrow and The Dirty BirdsRockwood Stage 2 – 10pm

Sept. 18 – Those DarlinsBrooklyn Bowl – 9pm

Sept. 18 – Spanking CharleneLakeside Lounge – 11pm

Sept. 19 – Spottiswoode and His EnemiesRockwood Stage 2 – 5pm

Sept. 21 – George UsherLakeside Lounge – 9pm

Sept. 22 – Kristin DiableThe Living Room – 9pm

Sept.25 – Garland JeffreysHighline Ballroom -doors 6pm / show 8pm

Sept. 24 – Mark OlsonJoe’s Pub – 9:30pm

Sept. 26 – Jon Graboff’s Pedal Steel Guitar World of Discovery w/ Ethan Eubanks, Jeff Hill & Special Guest Dave SchrammRockwood Stage 2 – 9pm

Sept.26 – Poundcake – Rockwood Stage 2 – 7pm

Sept. 26 – Ursa MinorPete’s Candy Store – 9:30pm

Sept. 26 – Kristin DiableRockwood Music Hall – Midnight

Sept.29 – Greg Trooper‘s Song Roundup with Paul Foglino & Michael On FireLakeside Lounge – 9pm

Sept. 29  – Mark OlsonThe Rock Shop – 8pm

*Updated Sept. 7

Tonight: The Watson Twins at The Mercury Lounge

April 7, 2010

If you missed The Watson Twins when they were in town back in February, you have another chance to see them tonight.  They have a new record out, Talking to You, Talking to Me, and it’s a good one.  TTY, TTM harkens back to their first record, Southern Manners and The Watson Twins touring band includes a keyboard player (which is really vital to their sound) this time around.

Last time they played Brooklyn.  This time it’s The Mercury Lounge on the Lower East Side.  On one of their visits here, Chandra and Leigh mentioned how much they love Russ and Daughters.  It’s down the street from The Merc.  Maybe that has something to do with where they are playing there this time.

The Watson Twins, The Mercury Lounge, 217 East Houston Street at Essex Street (F or V Trains to 2nd Avenue, use the 1st Avenue exit), 11pm (Sean Bones opens at 10pm), $10

Advance Planning – Music for April

March 29, 2010

It’s time once again to look at the month ahead and give those of you who want to plan in advance an opportunity to see what’s happening.  The usual warnings abound: the further out you go, the more likely it is that things will be added, subtracted or changed in some way or another.  Void where prohibited.  Your mileage may vary.

Updated Friday April 2 and Wednesday April 7

April 1 – Best CoastBowery Ballroom – 8pm

April 2 – Sister Sparrow and The Dirty BirdsPete’s Candy Store – 11pm

April 3 – Jewmongous‘ Passover Extravaganza!  – 92Y Tribeca – 8pm doors/9pm show

April 5 – Sasha DobsonThe Living Room – 10pm

April 6 – Eleanor WhitmoreThe Living Room – 8pm

April 6 – NRBW – The Stone – 10pm

April 7 – Best CoastMercury Lounge – 8pm

April 7 – The Watson TwinsMercury Lounge – 11pm

April 8 – L’il Mo and The MonicatsBanjo Jim’s – 8:30pm

April 9 – James MaddockThe Rockwood Music Hall – 9-11pm

April 13 – Carrie RodriguezJoe’s Pub – 7:30 pm

April 14 – Harper Blynn (with special guests) – The Living Room – 9pm

April 14 – Sasha DobsonThe Rockwood Music Hall – 10pm

April 17 – Freedy JohnstonSouthpaw – 8pm

April 17 – Spanking CharleneLakeside Lounge – 11pm

April 21 – Jacob Dylan and Three LegsTown Hall – 8pm

April 21 – Harper Blynn (with special guests) – The Living Room – 9pm

April 23 – Tim Luntzel and Charlie BurnhamThe Stone – 10pm

April 26 – The Lascivious BiddiesThe Rockwood Music Hall – 7pm

April 28 – Harper Blynn (with special guests) – The Living Room – 9pm

April 30 – Milton92Y Tribeca – 8pm doors/9pm show

SWSW Saturday: Cold as Ice

March 22, 2010

I awoke Saturday to a downpour; a build an ark type of rain complete with thunder and lightening.  Fran and I ate breakfast, I worked on that morning’s blog post and mostly we waited to see what was going to happen with the weather.

Our plan for the day shows for Saturday, plotted out on Friday, was to stay in the South Congress area (walking distance from our hotel).  The trouble with that plan now was that everything we had counted on seeing was outdoors.  But eventually the rain stopped and we decided to go ahead with our original plan.

We knew that the temperature was going to be in the 40s.  We dressed in long sleeves and our New York outerwear. But the combination of cold and wind that greeted us was more challenging than we had imagined. Still, we pushed on.

The first stop of the day was the Brooklyn Country Cookout, located on a side street.  Between Bob’s directions (“it’s right behind Guero’s”) and Google maps, we had no trouble finding it.  But when we got there we were told that they were running behind schedule and that it would take another half hour or 45 minutes to get things set up.  We then walked back to Home Slice Pizza and had a very quick couple of slices for lunch.

We still had some time, so we wandered around the back of Home Slice to see what was happening at Music by the Slice, Home Slice’s day show.  We caught what was supposed to be Jeremy Messersmith’s last song.  But because there was a power failure affecting the second stage, Jeremy ended up playing another four songs.  Jeremy and his band sounded like a harder edged Fountains of Wayne, and I liked his stuff.

It was then time to go back to Brooklyn Country.  We walked the two short blocks back there and found set up was almost complete.  One of the organizers told me that I could help myself to cold beer (Brooklyn Lager, hence the Brooklyn Country name).  I told him I was too cold for cold anything, but that I would certainly consider hot beer.

While Charlie Faye and Will Sexton were setting up, a car pulled up and up  popped L’il Mo, a New York City favorite, who was not listed on the schedule. “I see a familiar face” she said, and came over to say hello.

Charlie and Will then took the stage and played a nice half hour set.  In the meantime, L’il Mo and The Monicats had set up on the second stage and started up when Charlie and Will finished.  I’ve seen L’il Mo a number of times, but never saw her play in a full length winter coat, coonskin cap (bought in Crockett, Texas and worn in honor of Fess Parker who had just died) and sunglasses.  No matter, it was a good set and she made a good impression on the crowd. Read the rest of this entry »

SXSW Thursday: Taking SXSW Through Strategy

March 20, 2010

Thursday seemed to be a reaction to the freneticism that was Wednesday.  The day’s activities started in the late morning.  Fran decided to go to the American Apparel sale and I set off for the Convention Center to see the keynote with Smokey Robinson.  I got there early enough to grab a seat in the front section of the auditorium, and Bob soon joined me.

Before the Keynote started, a few of the officials of SXSW noted the passing of Alex Chilton.  They also announced that there would be a benefit for Alex’s family held on Saturday at SXSW, but the details were still being worked on.

The Keynote at SXSW is usually an interview and not a speech, and that was its format this year with rock writer Dave Marsh leading the interview.  Smokey shared stories about songwriting, how he got started, and working with Berry Gordy at Motown.  He also offered this advice for people who want to get into the business: get a thicker skin, you didn’t start it (show business) and when you think that the world can’t live without you, that’s when they’ll discover they can.

Before leaving the Convention Center, Bob and I got our express passes for Antone’s that night.  We were going to see The Court Yard Hounds and figured that it since they were 2/3s of The Dixie Chicks, it might be tough to get in.  We then grabbed a quick lunch and went back to our respective hotels.  I decided that since the next show I wanted to catch was at 4pm, I could take the time to rest.  Around 3pm, I got up and left the hotel and made my way over to Waterloo Records for the afternoon’s shows.

I soon found Fran, who had found a seat and was saving one for me.  Up at 4pm was Ola Podrida, who, like Dawes the night before, played melodic rock with some nice harmonies.  Next up at 5pm was Carrie Rodriguez, who was recording the show for a live album.  Finally at 6pm, The Watson Twins took the stage.  Chandra announce that she had been up since 2:30am traveling to Austin.

When The Watson Twins had finished their show, Fran and I hit the 24 Diner (in the same row of stores as Waterloo).  We had dinner and planned out the night.  Since we already on the west side of town, I thought that it would make sense to hit La Zona Rosa and see John Hiatt at 8:30.  Since Fran didn’t have a badge or a wristband, I figured that she wouldn’t have a problem getting in if we arrived at LZR just after the show before Hiatt started.  That’s what we did and that’s exactly how it played out. Read the rest of this entry »

Music Video: The Watson Twins – The Devil in You

March 11, 2010

If things could still be hot off the presses, this video would be.  It was shot during a live, in-studio appearance by The Watson Twins at KCRW, one of the top public radio stations in the nation.  This song, The Devil in You is also one of my favorites off the new Watson Twins album, Talking to You, Talking to Me.


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